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Product Development

'The efficiency of the project ensures it runs with minimum risks to time and on budget'


JNDC provide a complete turn-key service. From the initial concept generation to the final production stage, a full life-cycle of support and development is provided.  Creating a holistic view with communication as a priority from day one increases the efficiency of the project, ensuring it runs with minimum risk, to time and on budget.

The product development stage is the first of several stages that take an initial specification right the way through to production.  Before we jump into the engineering detail, we like to take a step back and undertake a design & project review which allows JNDC and our customer to investigate and plan the project in detail to ensure the final product meets the specification. By defining a detailed specification JNDC is then able to move forward and develop detailed conceptual designs during this stage.

The product development process typically utilises our skills in Computer Aided Design, creating three dimensional models to communicate with our customers allowing them to see how the product will look and operate.  Our expert materials, prototyping, testing and engineering knowledge and facilities allow us to prototype and test the product if needed before going into the next stage of detailed design for manufacture. 


Design For Manufacture

'Efficiency with regards to cost and development'

JNDC’s core skill set is “Design for Manufacture.”  Quite simply the designs we engineer are aligned to the most fit for purpose manufacturing process, in the material that performs to the products specification.  Time, quality and cost are the three key elements to consider throughout the design for manufacture stage.  A detailed product specification is a critical entry gateway to ensure these three key elements are fully understood.  JNDC undertake a design & project review with our customers before starting the design for manufacturing process as we believe a detailed specification leads to a clearly defined end product, making the design for manufacture process efficient and cost effective.

 JNDC has managed the manufacture of its designs in the United Kingdom, Europe and China.  Being on the factory floors observing the parts being produced has promoted a detailed understanding of the subtleties in design that are required to deliver a product that is truly aligned to a manufacturing process, on time, to quality, at the target unit price.

Some of JNDC's customers already have a product in manufacture with a specific need to adjust the design or manufacturing process to resolve issues.  From the start of the project our customers are usually experiencing a problem with either lead time for the product, in service quality issues, or, the cost of the product being produced is not meeting the target.  JNDC’s approach is to first step back, undertake a design & project review  to unpeel the layers of information to determine the root cause of the “issue”.  With the root cause identified, quite simply, JNDC will work with the customer to ensure the product in manufacture will meet all of the detailed specifications of time quality and cost.



Analysis, Test & Validation

'FEA and stress analysis services to assist in preventing future problems'


A detailed understanding of how a structure will perform in service is critical to ensure a product meets its specification.  JNDC has invested in a suite of specialist structural analysis software packages, which combined with an intrinsic knowledge of how structures perform result in a knowledge base that can validate a design virtually before going into production.

JNDC provide a wide range of modelling and analysis capabilities including linear static's, displacement, strain, stress, vibration, heat transfer and more. What's more, Nastran can handle any material type from plastic and metal to composites and hyper elastic materials.

As with the design for manufacture service we offer, we find customers coming to JNDC with a product in production needing to understand more about how the product is structurally performing.  Our FEA and stress analysis services are a fundamental asset to assist in identifying the root cause of potential or existing problems in an engineered design.


Additive Layer Manufacturing

'Innovative design solutions'

Additive Layer Manufacturing is commonly misunderstood and described as rapid prototyping.  JNDC have been designing highly complex metal production parts that are “3D Printed” using the additive layer manufacturing process for the past 10 years.  Parts that have been designed by JNDC are now in volume production using the latest direct laser metal sintering process which allows the metal production parts to be manufactured with the benefit of no tooling. 

Many companies offer a metal printing service, however, the post processing of the metal printed parts is a skill that only comes with time and hands on experience.  Holding critical tolerances, achieving specific material properties through design is all achieved by JNDC’s experience in additive layer manufacturing.  Like any manufacturing process, additive layer manufacturing has its significant benefits as well as some key drawbacks.  Once these are understood, additive layer manufacturing can be used as one of the many processes that are considered during the design for manufacture process. 

JNDC is finding a large demand for design support of highly complex injection mould tools, where additive layer manufacturing is being designed into the tool to create inserts and sometimes the complete tool in a single printed part.