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Vibration Analysis for a Shuttle Assembly Housing

JNDC's expertise and continual work in the area of structural analysis includes a case study into the vibration analysis for a shuttle assembly housing. This was carried out using Nei Nastran FEA package and includes the following load cases:

- Vibration loads of the lever assembly was carried out to RTCA DO-160G SEction8, catergory R, Curve W (20g) Sinusoidal). The slider assembly including a lumped mass respresnting the quick disconnect assembly was subjected to RTCA DO-160g SEction8, Catergory R curve D1 (12.61 Grms)
- Fan blade off event calculations using a magnitude of 210g in the relevant direction were carried out based.


The slider assembly was subjected to a PSD analysis and found that the maximum stress at the interface between the flange and the body in the bulkhead assembly was 207.9 MPa when loaded to 12.61 grms in the y direction causing it to fail. When loaded to the 210g fan blade of condition. A maximum V Mises stress of 557.9 MPa was observed in the z direction causing the part to fail.