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JNDC Product Redesign for ecoegg

JNDC were approached by ecoegg to redesign the dryer egg which is a product that is used inside tumble dryers to reduce drying time, soften and fragrance clothes.
The initial specifications included areas such as:
Keeping the same look as the original dryer egg.
No openings.
The design to hold the original  fragrance stick within the product.
Made from a material that will not cause damage or too much noise when in use as well as being capable of operating in temperatures inside dryers.

Original Design made from 5 separate sections

The original dryer egg was made up of 5 separate sections. 1 fragrance stick holder, 2 internal parts, the top cap along with the egg shape. JNDC focused on part reduction as well as efficiency of the product resulting in a single part design.

The key features of the new design incorporated a simpler design with an interference fit with the fragrance stick. This via a one way in and thus replacing the old fragrance sticks through the end hole thereby benefiting the design and keeping to a single part. 


Fragrance Stick Insert

Fragrance Stick Insert

The dryer egg is now easier to use and has no maintenance issues as the product is a single moulded part and is easy to refill. A significant saving was experienced as there was no assembly required for the new design.